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Have you ever gone to get a duplicate of your car key made, only to find that when you try to use it, it just won’t work? You might be confused and frustrated – what went wrong? This can be a common occurrence in cars these days as there are often more complex features that go into making a key. In this post, we’ll look at the ins and outs of why car keys have become so complicated and delve into some solutions on how to make sure your duplicate works!

Can You Duplicate Any Kind Of Car Key?Защо дубликатите на ключовете за колата ми не работят?

Being able to duplicate a car key can be a lifesaver if you find yourself locked out of your car. Fortunately, there are plenty of services available that specialize in creating copies of your existing keys. For basic metal keys, all you need is the original key to visit a locksmith and get an exact copy.

However, for those who want a smart key cut from code with key fob programming services, additional information such as proof of ownership and access to the vehicle’s transponder code may be required before duplication can occur. Luckily, no matter what kind of car key you currently own, there’s probably a way to make it easier to access your vehicle when needed.

Difference Between Key Cutting & Key Duplication?

Key duplication and cutting a key from a code are two related but separate services offered by an auto locksmith. While the same tools are typically used for both processes, they are not exactly interchangeable. If you need to make an extra copy of your car key, then you’ll require an original, physical, working key that a locksmith can copy.

On the other hand, if someone has access to the correct code number required to cut a key from scratch, they don’t need an actual key to make a new one; the code number itself is enough information for an auto locksmith to work with. This type of service also doesn’t include programming transponders and other specialized key fobs since this goes beyond simple cutting and duplicating.

Reasons Why Don’t My Car Key Duplicates Work?

Incorrectly Cut

It can be incredibly frustrating when duplicate car keys fail to work. One of the most common causes for duplicate car keys not working is if they are incorrectly cut, meaning that the valleys of the key and its grooves, shoulders, and even overall length may not match up with those of the original physical key.

This prevents the duplicate from turning the lock cylinder in your car door lock properly and means you’ll have to have a new duplicate cut or potentially invest in a new key altogether. Fortunately, this issue can usually be solved with just an observation of the duplicate key. So take a minute to look at it closely and make sure it matches up with your original car key before you try to open your door unsuccessfully again and again!

The Incorrect Blank Was Used

Having the key fob to your car not work can be a major inconvenience. Certain key fobs will require the exact duplicate car key, specific key blank, and key fob batteries for them to work so it is important to pay attention to such minor details.

If you think the origin of the issue lies within your key copies, it’s best to consider other causes such as broken key teeth or having an incorrect key programmed into your car doors – both could result in an inability to unlock your vehicle’s doors. This could be a frustrating situation but with some minor upkeep and awareness, you should have no problem keeping track of your key copies and ensuring they’re always working properly.

The Original Key Was Damaged

Защо дубликатите на ключовете за колата ми не работят?

Car key duplicates don’t always work properly, and it’s important to understand why. A damaged or damaged car lock or ignition system can cause the replacement key not to match well with the lock, thus preventing it from working. Additionally, if your vehicle has a chip key system, the duplicate may not contain the correct techniques needed to start your car — this will be more likely if you didn’t go to the dealer that made your key when you were duplicating it.

In these cases, a damaged lock may also be to blame; if any part of the entire locking mechanism is damaged in any way, a copy won’t work as expected. To avoid this problem in the future, make sure to get an exact duplicate of your key whenever possible instead of a slightly altered one.

Cut From A Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy

It may come as a surprise, but metal keys can experience a degradation in quality when they are taken to a third party for duplication. The metal key begins as the original metal blank that comes with the car, but after each time it is copied the metal degrades in quality and strength.

As a result, if several copies of the same metal key have been made, there can be noticeable flaws in an aftermarket or copied key that can make using it almost impossible, leading to frustration and confusion over why your car key duplicates don’t work.

Key-copying Machine Has Not Been Calibrated Or Cleaned

Защо дубликатите на ключовете за колата ми не работят?

Most of us have experienced the frustration of having our car key duplicates not work. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon problem and can often be related to something as seemingly insignificant as the calibration or cleaning of a key-copying machine. Calibration is essential for accuracy when cutting keys and general housekeeping, such as cleaning out any dirt or debris that has built up in the machine over time, helps to ensure reliable results.

Improperly calibrated or uncleaned machines can result in poorly-cut keys that do not fit into your lock, leaving you unable to unlock your car and get on with your day. Avoid the hassle by making sure the key-copying machine at whatever store or shop you go to is properly calibrated and regularly cleaned before having your car keys duplicated.

Cutting The Wrong Key

Has this ever happened to you? You go out of your way to duplicate a car key and you plug it into the ignition only to have nothing happen. The root of the problem likely is that you provided the wrong key or that incorrect measurements were used when cutting the key. To avoid this happening in the future, be sure to double-check that you are giving the right key when having a duplicate made. If possible, bring both car keys when going to make a copy – this will ensure accuracy and prevent frustration later on!